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by Fionas

Fiona’s Made To Measure Window Furnishings service provides a comprehensive in home consultation.  Our friendly team in store can also provide advice on suitable solutions if you provide your own window measurements.

At Fiona’s, we offer a variety of home decor and improvement services on our premises to ensure you get the best out of the fabrics and products you purchased from us.  We offer the following services:

  • Measure and Makers of Curtains and Blinds
  • Installation of Tracks, Rods, Curtains and Blinds
  • Supplier and Installer of Wallpaper
  • Installation of Headboards and Frames


Our team of experienced upholsterers offers the highest standard in craftsmanship. We take care of every aspect of your furniture refurbishment: be it restoring it prior to reupholstery, sourcing a wide range of upholstery-standard fabrics and leathers or even salvaging aspects of its original material. Fiona’s Upholsterers is part of Gauteng’s Craftsmen Centre that offers under one roof.

  • Lounge Suites
  • Ottomans
  • Headboards
  • Cushions
  • Chairs
  • Padded Pelmets


Fiona’s specialises in designer wallpapers for walls. 

We have one of the biggest collections of designer wallpapers for walls. 

With changing lifestyle, more and more attention is given to the interior decoration. 

Home decor is being redefined with artistic skills and innovative techniques and designer wallpapers have been replaced by the age old concept of wall paints.



Fiona’s Curtain Makers are one of the leading designer curtain makers of Gauteng.  We have received national appreciation for our vast range of upholstery and bespoke curtains created from designer fabrics.  Our senior handmade curtain assistants have a combined experience of approximately 20 years.  Our craftswomen work with tremendous sincerity and passion to produce beautiful handmade curtains that are supreme in both quality and looks.  They give attention to the minutest details while stitching the bespoke curtains together.  Fiona’s Curtain Makers have great regard for our customers and work to the best of our ability to provide our customers with top quality made to measure curtains.



We install blinds.


We will get your quote to you within 24 hours from receipt.

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